Kanye West portrait (work in progress)

I started working on a portrait of Kanye West back in 2017, but I never got around to finishing it. Now, I haven’t finished it quite yet, but I did make some progress that I wanted to share:

Kanye West, illustration © copyright 2021 Peter Skirko, all rights reserved.

Big thanks to Serif for making a very nice Illustrator alternative in Affinity Designer. I found it quite intuitive to use, which is not an easy feat for a vector illustration app.

The work so far needs various technical fixes, but the vibe is there. Now, he just needs an upper body and a nice background.

Bruce Nauman On Clarity

Bruce Nauman

Having to say it out loud, having to explain what you are doing, forces you to be clear. You can’t just fumble through and get something and say “That’s what I meant to do all along”. That is the part I think about in my work: making sure that what I’m doing is really clear. Then it’s available, and those are the kinds of things you look for, in art, and this changes the structure of how you can think about art, and it’s there for you. And those are wonderful things when you are in their presence.

Bruce Nauman

This quote is from an episode of the show “Art in the Twenty-First Century” featuring the American artist Bruce Nauman. You can watch that episode online. He was drawing (no pun intended) a parallel between proof and clarity in mathematics, and clarity in art. I would extend the parallel to creative projects in general.