In honor of Seth Godin

On the website, it says:

Seth Godin is an Author, Entrepreneur and Most of All, A teacher

By whoever wrote the About blurb on

When I see that blurb, I think to myself (aside from pondering the confusing but possibly correct application of title case), “Can’t argue with that.” To say that Seth is merely an author is like saying a Vitamix is merely a blender: a vast understatement. And to my ear, his written voice is pretty much the same as his spoken voice, so I’m not sure if he actually writes, but rather just speaks into the paper.

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How to write good blog posts: my personal guidelines

Image courtesy of NASA Commons

Hello and welcome to my post on how to write good blog posts. I first wrote this in July 2015, but I last updated it in Feb 2019. Writing well, blog posts and otherwise, is an important topic for me, so I’m going to update this post for years to come, as I keep getting better at writing and blogging.

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OK Medium, you win. For now.

Note: This was migrated from my old Medium blog. I have decided to migrate from Medium to WordPress, and I’ll write about the reasons why soon, stay tuned.

Call me old school, but I believe that a personal website is an essential part of your identity on the Web, a necessary counterpoint to the curated social media game (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc). For coders, a canonical example is Jeff Atwood’s

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