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  • In honor of Seth Godin

    In honor of Seth Godin

    On the website, it says: Seth Godin is an Author, Entrepreneur and Most of All, A teacher By whoever wrote the About blurb on When I see that blurb, I think to myself (aside from pondering the confusing but possibly correct application of title case), “Can’t argue with that.” To say that Seth […]

  • How to write good blog posts: my personal guidelines

    How to write good blog posts: my personal guidelines

    Hello and welcome to my post on how to write good blog posts. I first wrote this in July 2015, but I last updated it in Feb 2019. Writing well, blog posts and otherwise, is an important topic for me, so I’m going to update this post for years to come, as I keep getting […]

  • OK Medium, you win. For now.

    Note: This was migrated from my old Medium blog. I have decided to migrate from Medium to WordPress, and I’ll write about the reasons why soon, stay tuned. Call me old school, but I believe that a personal website is an essential part of your identity on the Web, a necessary counterpoint to the curated […]