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This page contains information that should be useful for recruiters. Last updated July 2021.


Right now, I am not looking for a new role, at my current employer or elsewhere.

Here’s why:

  1. I’m happy with my current role, responsibilities, team, and manager chain (my manager, their manager, etc). However, I am only marginally in control of this happiness. The tech world moves fast and changes fast. Beyond say, 18 months, things get more vague and uncertain.
  2. Personal reasons.
  3. The macroeconomic environment. The US is in the longest bull run in market history (see CNN Aug ’18, CNBC Feb ’19, etc.). I know “market timing” is anyone’s guess, but my simplistic prediction is that the bull run could end in 2019-2021, so “winter is coming“. UPDATE: It is now July 2021, and COVID happened. My prediction was correct, in a sense.
  4. There is a nontrivial, multivariate opportunity cost in switching roles and companies. It’s not something I would do flippantly. The opportunity would have to be extremely, almost uniquely, compelling.
  5. Interviewing prep is an enormous time sink. My day-to-day work is negatively correlated with the skills needed for doing whiteboard interviews and take-home exercises, so if I were serious about interviewing, I would need to bridge the gap by studying at home for O(months). I would only start this prep if I am really serious about switching.

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