tl;dr For Recruiters

Image courtesy of NASA Commons

Hello recruiter! Thanks for your email/message/etc. Here is my succinct guidance for you:

  • I am not looking for a role at a new employer right now. If my situation changes, I’ll update this page.
  • As of Nov 2019, I am now a manager. I don’t plan on returning to any individual contributor roles for the foreseeable future.
  • As I am not actively looking, only a superlative role would pique my interest.
  • My areas of interest are:
    • AI and Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Backend Systems and Infrastructure

The ideal recruiter email/message is direct, succinct, and contains relevant links. Here is one example:

“Hello Peter, I hope your day is going well. I have a {manager, tech lead} role for you at {company X} that is focusing on {area of interest}. The project is about {pithy description}. Your manager would be {LinkedIn profile} and you would work closely with {LinkedIn profile}. If you are interested, please get back to me, I’d love to speak more with you!”

More info like this about me is available here, but alas that page is a bit out of date right now.

This page was last updated Nov 2019.