A guided tour of my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here is a quick tour.

Who do I write for? My blog is not “popular” by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m cool with that. I mostly get a bunch of recruiters and a few other passers-by here. So, I write firstly for myself; then for my kids, as a testament of who I am and who I was; then, for all of you, whoever you might be.

Ideally, I would update this blog 2-3 times a week, consistently throughout the year. In practice, my updates are burst-y: (1) I make a bunch of edits over a few weeks, (2) then radio silence for a few months, (3) then back to (1).

About all those recruiters: I have nothing against recruiters as people, and some of them have been kind enough to tell me they liked what they read, but in general, when a recruiter is reading my website, they are just doing their job, which is recruiting. I send recruiters to my page tl;dr for Recruiters.

This blog is about both professional and personal interests. As for being a software developer, I started a career advice page, and my most popular article so far is Coding as a hobby? For me, non-work coding is a regimen, like going to the gym.

I have been trying to blog more about my creative hobbies, but that has been slow going so far. Check out Learning Adobe Illustrator by manually tracing: Jango Fett Pt. 1 or My first Processing sketch.

This blog is using a theme that I started by forking a standard theme. Check out the updates, such as Version 1.2 of Moderately Austere, a personal blog WordPress theme, has been released and Moderately Austere, or the Power of Fork–Exec.






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